Whether to enhance lifestyle or simply escape for a time, the therapeutic benefits of a massage will leave you feeling nurtured and revitalized.

Swedish Massage from $40

Swedish Massage- Our therapists use a variety of effective techniques for a moderate to deep muscle relaxing treatment. Designed to improve circulation and mobility, while relieving tense muscles. (60 or 30 min)

Deep Tissue Massage from $45

Deep Tissue Massage- This Massage focuses on going deep into the muscle to relieve muscle ache and stress. It is a deeper pressure then the Swedish Massage. Great for athletes and their overused muscles. (60 min  or 30 min)

Hot Stone Massage from $80

Hot Stone Massage- Feel rekindled as heated, smooth basalt stones are places strategically on the body, creating a warm penetrate sensation in muscles and
tissues. Especially recommended for anyone suffering from arthritis or over-strained, tight muscles. ( 90 or 60 min)

Chair Massage from $25

Chair Massage- For those pressed for time or who feel uncomfortable with a more intense massage, relax in our special massage chair. Designed to relieve tense muscles, particularly I n the neck, back and shoulders. (15 min)